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Our lambs are raised naturally on pastures with plenty of grass, sunshine and exercise.

We sell whole and half lambs to private parties and restaurants.

For more information or to reserve your lamb please send an email or give us a call.



Since 1987 Deer Creek Farm has been partnering with fellow growers to bring fresh, locally grown products including lamb, fruit and vegetables to Twin Cities restaurants and farmers markets.

We select our varieties only based on the quality of flavor!



Breeding quality dogs with great temperaments and natural ability. Breeding for hunting / trainability / show.

Not many litters, but good ones!

Deer Creek Farm Lamb

Katahdin Sheep

 We raise registered Katahdin sheep for meat and breeding stock.

Katahdins are a "hair sheep" breed developed in the state of Maine for their meat. They grow a fleece in the winter and shed it in the spring.

Compared to other breeds of sheep, we have found the Katahdins to be very easy to raise. They are natural mothers, usually have twins or triplets, and healthy.

For more information about the Katahdin breed see the Katahdin Hair Sheep International web site. www.katahdins.org

Nutritional info & recipes

The American Lamb Board has both nutritional information and recipes:



For information about raising sheep see:

Sheep 101

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Odenthal Meats




Produce offered


  • 5 varieties of garlic
  • shallots
  • cipollini onions
  • storage onions
  • heirloom tomatoes (all colors)
  • cherry tomatoes (all colors)
  • summer squash
  • black currants

Brittany Hunting Dogs


Home of Ch Ringnecks Deer Creek Punch, MH (1994-2009)

Limited amount of coaching and training available.

Stud Service available.

More photos and info at Rock Solid Brittanys  www.pluth.net.

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